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Abstergo Industries - Stylish, No Damage [1080p60]

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Assassin's Creed III
Present Day / Modern Day
Mission 3: Abstergo Industries
No HUD, No Damage, Stylish Gameplay

Assassinate Daniel Cross
Assassinate Warren Vidic
Extract William Miles

When Warren Vidic sends a message to the Assassins in the Grand Temple revealing he has William, Desmond Miles returns to the place where it all began, a changed person. An Assassin in truth, and in more ways than one. The guards that move to apprehend Desmond don't stand a chance when matched against the combined abilities of various Master Assassins from across the centuries.

Enter the Animus - AC Odyssey OST
An Uncertain Present - AC3 OST
Modern Assassin - AC3 OST
The Apple of Eden - AC3 OST