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[AC Origins] End of the Snake - Stealth, Target Only

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Assassin's Creed Origins
End of the Snake (Assassinate Eudoros)
Hard, No HUD, 60fps
Perfect Assassination (No Detects, Target Only, Speed)

Bayek of Siwa moves to Assassinate Eudoros, one of the Order of the Ancients operating in Alexandria. No weapons are allowed inside the bathhouse, but Bayek retains the strange, ancient weapon of justice that Aya previously gave him: the Hidden Blade. Keeping it close to his body, he moves unseen through the vision-obscuring steam and strikes his target down, escaping just as easily.

There's not really anything special about this Assassination except for the level design, which is quite pretty and atmospheric. This is mostly just movement, timing, and smooth camera-work. I enjoyed it a lot because Bayek only has his Hidden Blade here, and this is the first time in the story that he uses it against a Main Target. As such, it felt suitably epic and Assassin's Creed-y for me.