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[AC Origins] Fire and Sand | Speed Kills

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Enjoy speedy-woosh!

This is either the last or second-last video I’ll do on Origins Present Day. Unfortunately, there just isn’t that much to the experience of MD in this game. One stealth section. One parkour section. I’ve killed guards cinematically, hilariously, and quickly. Nothing else left for this section, I’m afraid.

I don't think I can do anything else interesting on this encounter so it's highly unlikely that more videos get made on this. You can tell I'm hungry for Present Day Stealth gameplay cus I've been all over this checkpoint and it's the only one in the entire game that has Stealth gameplay in the Present Day. At this point I'm even hoping for a bit of Present Day gameplay in the DLC, but I doubt that'll be a thing. Tongue

If anyone else has ideas for what can be done in Present Day, send 'em at me. For now I think this is it for this particular checkpoint. I might do a fluid parkour vid of the time when Layla has to climb all the way back up to the Animus chamber, but I dunno.