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[AC Syndicate] A Bad Penny - Stealth Reaper

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Game: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
Memory: A Bad Penny (Assassinate Twopenny)
Style: Lethal / Reaper / Stealth Kills

Jacob finally knows who is about to rob the Bank of England. Following the trail of clues back to its source, he discovers that the man plotting the affair is none other than Philip Twopenny, and not a moment too soon; he and his men are already inside. Knowing it’s likely that the guards have been bribed to look the other way too, Jacob spares no one in his bloody hunt for this self-aggrandized thief.

When you get down into the basement, it’s really hard to not be in someone’s sightline at all times since it’s basically one big open area with very few sight-blocking obstacles around. As such I ended up using more Smoke Bombs than I wanted to in order to remove enemy vision of me. The height advantage is pretty useful, and once I cleared out the guards on the second floor, I could have just used knives to kill everyone else, but since I already used that tactic to kill the enemies guarding the door to the basement in the bank’s lobby, I wanted to keep things a bit varied, so I prioritized melee assassinations. My general opinion of this mission is that it’s a fantastic mission if you want to Ghost it, but it’s not quite as well-built if you want to stealth kill everyone.