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[AC Syndicate] Motion to Impeach [Non-Lethal / Target Only]

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Sequence 7, Memory "Motion to Impeach" from Assassin's Creed Syndicate
James Brudenell Assassinated and area escaped with no other Kills and no Detects before the Assassination moment.
* * *
1) No Kills or Knockouts except Targets, unless Required.
2) No Detects except upon Assassination Moment
- Awareness Meters are allowed.
- I will try to avoid being detected during Assassinations as well, but if it's necessary, it's fine.
- Wear the Upgraded Beer Collector Belt for Jacob and the Upgraded Aegis Cloak for Evie.
4) No Side Objectives
5) No HUD except Awareness Meters and Tool Indicator

I thought this mission would be really hard to pull off Non-Lethally, and cleanly. That was until I remembered that Kidnapping makes you invisible in this game. I first tried to use the blue guard marked as the Stealth Opportunity to get in, but I discovered that the red (Templar) guards inside the building would still detect me. It seems Kidnap is only effective as a Stealth tool when the person you've Kidnapped is part of the same "faction" as the guards you're trying to sneak past. Kidnap makes getting through Restricted Areas a breeze, albeit one with a necessarily slow walk speed. The slower you walk, the smaller the Blend Circle around Jacob shrinks. Not visible in this video because I have most of my HUD off.

I show off another good moment to use the Smoke Bomb's ability to go through solid objects. It's not actually a real cloud that forms and can be stopped by cover, it's just a Radius drawn onto the game world once the player throws one.

During the escape, Kidnapping and walking out with a guard doesn't work. I tried it a few times, in different ways. The others always get alerted to the dead body on the ground and it seemingly breaks my Kidnap-invisibility. So this is the second mission in which I'm Detected during my escape. Once I finish, the end-of-mission card tells me that I was Detected by the Target. I think this is a bug, because he and all of his guards were Smoked and had no way of knowing I was there. This does not happen if you use the Unique Kill. I didn't want to use it here because it would break my Non-Lethal rule by killing someone other than the Target.