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AC4:BF - Aveline DLC Out of Bounds

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It is possible to get out of bounds during Memory 2 of the Aveline DLC for AC4:BF

I'm a speedrunner and was searching for ways to enter the fort quicker, without needing to go through the underground. Even if I can't make it inside, maybe a trigger can be reached and desync performed to spawn inside. I've not had success yet.

Here's video of me performing the OoB.


A precise (though not too hard, with practice) side eject to get back to the branch Aveline jumps from during the cutscene. It is not intended that the player get back up here, with a jump along the fence you get out of the fort. I am holding Shift+Forward and spamming Space the whole time, this is not consistent and more difficult than the video might make it seem. Jumping towards the water from the wooden platform results in desync. After reaching the platform I have not been able to progress further along the rocks/fence due to the trees collision. I show after performing the OoB how it's possible to get under the water without desync, though this too is not useful so far as I can tell. Not shown in the video is that falling off the underwater terrain has the player fall in a white void indefinitely.