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ACO - Broken Timelines upon Checkpoint Restart

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Leo K
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This is an interesting aspect of AC Origins people might find amusing;

There's a particular element of AC Origins that makes Lethal Stealth choreography incredibly time-consuming compared to Ghosting, especially compared to any other game. For Ghosting and Non-Lethal play this is not an issue, because guards that you leave alive, upon a Checkpoint Restart will just behave normally and be found in the normal positions.

However, when you kill guards in ACO and you hit "Reload Last Quest Objective" which should functionally be (and for the most part is) "Restart From Last Checkpoint," guards that you had previously killed will stay dead. They will not be de-rendered by the game, they'll just be there exactly where you left them, but sometimes they'll be replaced with their new "copies" anyway, standing over them. This not only looks very weird and disturbing (shivers) but also, this means guard patterns will sometimes be altered because as soon as you spawn, you will see a guard carrying a corpse... Of his past self... O___O