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Anubis - No HUD / Hard / 60fps / 6:28

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Assassin's Creed Origins
Hard, No HUD, 60fps
Time: 6:28
Trial of Anubis (Endgame Boss, Timed "Live" Event)

Eyes of Horus [LV40 Daggers]
Composite Bow [LV40 Light Bow]
Dress of the Coastal Realm [Outfit]
5 Points in Master Hunter (+5% Ranged Damage)

LV40 Animus Glitch [Godlike]


Dodge when the hyenas growl/bark. You can shoot them down, or cut the phantasms out of the air with your primary weapon. After I do a Heavy Attack (which lunges you forward with Daggers equipped), I immediately dodge to reset my Heavy Attack cooldown and reposition so I can get the next one. If timed right this is actually more reliable than dodging them, and removing one illusion with an Attack allows you to reset your 3 Dodges as well, which is very useful for avoiding damage from phantom hyenas in later phases.

When Anubis summons soldiers it's actually most expedient to Chain Assassinate several of them with your Hidden Blade, and use Sleep Darts on them to open further Chain Assassinates in the middle of the fight. I didn't do this because I wanted to showcase some positioning tech using Daggers, and how strong it is to be able to dodge out of most of their animations if you need to.

Anubis drops Loot Bags which always contain Ammo for your Bows, but never any Tool Ammo. He's covered by a Memory Wall that shocks you if you try to move through it, so damaging him with arrows is the only way to deplete his Sync and erode the construct.

Once he's reduced to a mesh of datapoints, Anubis basically just explodes and the glitch is contained.