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April Fools Day in Assassins Creed

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A collection of various funny/interesting things I've discovered throughout the years playing Assassins Creed 1.

Silent but Deadly

Leaning against a chest right behind this Templar in Damascus and you can gentle push him without performing the animation. Add some fart sound effects and it creates a funny scenario.

Glitched Spot

In Damascus there is a sequence of freerun beams that will leave Altair landing on midair at the end, if he stays close enough to the wall.


You can get on a bench right when a guard has detected you. This leaves you in the anonymous state.


This was difficult to pull off. What you want to do is kill an enemy by a posted guard, then get shoved by him when he is about to investigate the body. This can cause a backwards walking effect, aka Micheal Jackson Moonwalk.

Walking on Interrogation Target's Head

Do I really need to explain this one?

Majd Addin's Room

If you reload the checkpoint during or right after Majd Addin's assassination, a guard is spawned inside the building Majd comes out of. To get in there get the guard's attention by attacking him and hope he hits back, allowing you to counter your way in.

Guard Room at Funeral

When more guards are summoned during the funeral, they appear from inside a building. Turns out you can walk in there when the doors are opened. While you are in there, high level guards can combo attack their way in; you can use that to counter your way out.

Desynchronized Scene

This is based off a previous exploit, caused by fast traveling out of the area during an assassination, then returning and restarting the mission.

Upon revisiting this, I found you can get through all the Majd Addin post scene dialogue by standing in a sweet spot. If you start the scene right after the last kill the game will desynch you during the scene.