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The Art of Stealth (Undercover)

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This is part 2 of my stealth playstyle. I suggest you read the part 1 (Naked Focus) first before reading this as I wont bother to repeat all those tips in that topic here.

This video/article is all about the hidden bonus in Wanted. A quick note is that if you use any disguise ability that is unlocked via challenges (rapid reload and strong) then you automatically get a hidden bonus. I will not be using disguise as some people may not have it yet.

Like the last video, the idea is to predict exactly where your target is going to travel, but unlike focus kills you want to get in front of them instead of tagging behind them.

Once you are in front of them slip into any blend group and wait for them to pass. You have a short period of time where you can leave your blend group and get the kill and still get hidden.

Also when you enter a blend group wait for about a second, if you don't let the blend process finish you wont get the bonus.

00.00: I got lucky here, I noticed he was running towards me so I immediately entered the first group I saw and waited for him.

00.12: I didn't want to use Line of Sight ( the compass and obstacles) to pick out my target as it gives you away too easily. Instead I watched the path the AI takes and tried to copy it, notice I didn't bee line straight towards the doctors group.

00.45: This is poor editing on my part, but this clip would have been massive if I showed everything. Basically I picked out the target as he was walking alone and simply followed him towards the nearest blend spot. You dont have to hold R1 to get into a haystack, simply walk into it to retain your incgonito bonus. Note if you are locked on focus is also retained.

1.04: Very much like the first clip, I simply waited until I found out where he was going and let him run straight to me.

1.17: I noticed I had a pursuer on me, and also noticed my target was following the pursuer. If you have patience, everything works out nicely...

1.30: The Prowler must have the hots for The Thief or something, he keeps going straight to me. Sometimes it works out better for you if you go backwards into a blend group behind you, always try maximize your points.

2.25: Note even though I ran off after poisoning my target, I still got Incognito. Basically whatever bonus you have when you poison your target is the one you get when they die. So really you can start a chase after you poison them, and still get incognito. Its useful as it lets you quickly get away from pursuers.

2.46: Notice that my target spawned first on my screen before the NPC's, I was able to pick him out instantly. Using my group I rode all the way to him and got a nice hidden bonus before he knew what hit him. walking groups are a really good way to approach a target.

3.13: I love this part. I noticed my target had another pursuer on him. I waited for his pursuer to try and have a go at him, to eliminate one of his copies. What I didn't expect was that after The Prowler failed, he helped me by standing behind the real target.

3.43: A good example of shaping the game to your advantage. Stand in a corner of the map to attract the players in your direction. If your compass gets bigger, you know that your target is after your pursuers.

4.43: Sometimes you get into a situation where you just have no idea where your target is. The best thing to do is to keep a cool head and don't do any sudden moves until you know what is going on. I knew that the leader of my group wasn't my target, as obviously the NPC's don't follow players. I was going to use this group to sit back and observe the area, but my target walked through a group and his blender set off a copy, so I knew he must be a player. I probably could have waited for a focus...