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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

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I was really worried when I heard this game was a huge God of War ripoff, but I'm pleased to say that I didn't waste my money buying it anyway. Not that there's anything wrong with God of War, but we don't need clones of it when there are already plenty of GoW games available. And Castlevania is supposed to stand on its own, not be a clone of something else.

Despite the similarities to GoW, Castlevania: LoS feels unique enough to warrant playing. The gameplay is solid and I'm gaining new moves and abilities all over the place. It keeps getting better.

The graphics are fantastic for a console, but as a console game they suffer from the usual lack of anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering. The resolution also appears to be slightly sub-HD, though it still looks great regardless. This game really needed a PC version, IMO. I would love to see it rendered at 1920x1080 with AA and AF cranked.

The game's length seems to be quite impressive thus far. After about an hour of play, I'm still only about half-way through the first chapter. This is just Chapter 1, out of 12 chapters total. I can't imagine the stages would get shorter, so it should be a fairly long game. No complaints here. EDIT: A couple hours later and the stage lengths have been roughly the same throughout. Half-way through Chapter 2 now.

The game comes on two discs. That's over 18GB of data. There haven't been many videos so far, so there just might be a whole lot of great stuff yet to come. I'm stoked to keep playing. I definitely won't be finishing this game in a single sitting. Big smile

I can't imagine anything will happen in the game to completely ruin it, so I think it's a safe bet that it was a good purchase. I'll post more if it takes a turn for the worst, but for now I'm giving the game a big thumbs-up. Beer (There's no thumbs-up emoticon. FLAE's eye roll )