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Damascus, Poor District: Flags and Templars

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Use this video in conjuction with a map to quickly collect all 33 Saracen flags in Damascus, Poor District.

The video starts next to flag 30, over the eastern town crier. This video was shot in one continuous take. The flags were not collected in numerical order. Here is an abbreviated table of contents in case you are looking for a specific flag or Templar:

Flag 1, 8:45
Flags 2-6, 3:30
Flags 7-11, 2:05
Flag 12, 4:15
Flag 13, 5:00
Flag 14-19, 7:05
Flags 20-25, 5:20
Flags 26-29, 1:00
Flags 30-33, 0:00

Templar 1, 8:30
Templar 2, 2:15
Templar 3, 6:45