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Ezio's Underwater Adventure - Carnevale

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this is my second video of Ezio's Underwater Adventure, this time around it's during Carnevale.

here's my first video

During sequence 9 ezio participates with 4 games in order to obtain the golden mask. each time you speak with game master in order to start a memory.

the four memories are And They're Off, CTF, Ribbon Round-Up, and Cheaters Never Prosper.

the video only shows and they're off and cheaters never prosper, because the other two memories the game master starts very far from a body of water. i tried drowning him for those two memories (took a long time), and when i got back to the memory start location he teleports back and is still alive (efforts wasted Crying ). i suspect the game automatically teleports him back to his original place when he has been displaced very far (at least 100 meters)

again, i no longer showed the grab move part as it took quite a lot of time to set-up, and it's hard to record using one hand and the other to control while playing.

And They're Off - you can notice that two bodies are falling, the other one's a ministrel i used to move the game master. ezio doesn't teleport next to the game master, instead he floats above him, and due to the camera being fixed it produces a limbo like effect for ezio. after that i thought ezio would get stuck underwater just like before, instead he just floats up the surface after a period of time.

Cheaters Never Prosper - this one is similar to Tutti a Bordo, i just moved a nearby doctor to the place of the memory start so it looks like i'm speaking with him. this time the game master and ezio's bodies overlap with each other. also i noticed that the game master still talks even when he's already underwater. (apparently on my first video leonardo also talks).

again sorry for the lack of editing.

hope you enjoyed the scenes i know i did.