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Fort Independence Silent Extermination Revisited

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Assassin's Creed III - Silent Extermination - Fort Independence Revisited

Happy Independence Day everyone, I hope you'll enjoy this. I got a request for it from elsewhere, so here it is.


Happy Independence Day! To fit with the theme, here's a revised Silent Extermination at Fort Independence with no corpses found. I even brought fireworks! Actually, the name Fort Independence is a funny piece of historical innacuracy in the game; as you'd probably guess the real thing wasn't renamed that until well after the Revolution. Oh well.

Like my previous Silent Extermination at this Fort, this requires some tool use, including two Smoke Bombs. I think that the design of a Fort requiring the use of more than one Smoke Bomb is unfortunate, since they're so overwhelmingly powerful to begin with, but I've lightened up on my no tool use rule since my last run on this Fort and gained further appreciation for the Rope Dart.

My full comments are here: Be sure to read them.

Not much further now.