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Kill Streak Glitch

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Perhaps there's already a video of this, but I am far too lazy to scroll through every topic on the ACR dedicated forum, so here goes a challenge for anyone with a capture card.

I was playing Revelations yesterday morning and was trying to close out Guild Challenges, with my final achievement being the "Get a kill streak of five at least ten times." Seeing as how most of the guard patrols walk around in groups of four, I would antagonize one of them, then get them to chase me until I either ran into another group of four (obviously ideal since there are more guards available in the event I screw up early) or find a single gun-wielding guard on a rooftop and try to wipe out the five of them.

This particular glitch occurred during the latter scenario, when I had all five engaged (the rooftop guard was on a single story roof) and dropped down to street level to fight. While the four-man patrol joined me, the rooftop guard, who was still part of the battle scene, remained on his perch. During my kill streak, I was able to target the guard still on the rooftop and Ezio basically did his battle animation to get to an enemy far away mid-kill streak, only he climbed ten feet in the air (no use of the side of the building whatsoever) to kill the rooftop guard, then repeated the process to kill one of the four-man group back on the ground to continue the kill streak.

I naturally laughed heartily when I saw this happen, and only wish that I had video recording capabilities so I could share it with THB community. If someone that does have those capabilities wants to take a shot at recreating this, I'd laugh equally as hard watching someone else pull it off.

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