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La Halle aux Bles - Stealth Reaper (1080p60)

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Assassin's Creed Unity
La Halle aux Bles
Lethal / Reaper / Stealth Kills

The Initiate synchronizes with the memory of Arno Dorian infiltrating La Halle aux Bles, following Germain's tip-off that Lafreniere may have some vested interest in the location. Their true motives are to get some stealth training in before starting to synch with the memories of Arno they have laid out for the rest of their session. Any red guard the Initiate comes across is immediately targeted and purged.


I am beyond excited for Origins. I'll be streaming the game as soon as humanly possible, once it unlocks at 11:59 PM tomorrow or whatever. Man. Assassin's Creed, guys. Assassin's Creed! Unbelievable, where we've been with this franchise, high and low. So much of what I played personally and so much of what others have told me leads me to believe that this game brings back a lot of the cool stuff and techs that made what TheHiddenBlade did possible. And that's got me all manner of curious! Laughing out loud

See you in Ancient Egypt, everybody.