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[Leak] "Assassin's Creed Ezio Collection" for PS4/XB1 rated by Korean Game Rating Board

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Google Translate says:

Grading Reasons:
Is an assassin, using a DNA memory of ancestors return to the past Templar Knights and the confrontation Action Game Rating
* Direct suggestive expression
that the representation of the content and prostitutes reminiscent of human exposure and the sex of women
- excessive violence expression
- of realistic weaponry expression, violent sound effects and violence against human beings often appear, and there is the bright red blood representation of a red
* in fact criminal representation
- the violence to the NPC, or can be murder, criminal acts expression of pickpockets, assassinations, etc. in this
* excessive swearwords, expletives and profanity expressed
- in the metabolism of the characters must include excessive swearwords, profane, abusive expressions emerge (eg, "f ** k, " "sh * t," c * zzo, "and" m * rda ")

Therefore, the gaming industry promotion law on Article 21 and review the classification rules in accordance with Article 9, Paragraph 4 of which determines the youth unavailable 'in the classification.