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Meeting Adjourned: Variety Pack

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Not much of a variety pack but just wanted to show some stuff about this stage. The first clip shows how to effectively pre assassinate all the guards in the area before the main targets spawn nearby. I skipped the stalking section because well, its boring. Next I wanted to show all the kill animations with the heavy weapons.

There is a different animation for each weapon when used on a different weapon, or a weapon of the same type. The guy you stalk always runs away, so take care of him first or simply use a smoke grenade and forget about him. Thats what I should have done, because the last kill makes everyone vanish for some reason and you miss the coolest kill animation...

The second clip is how to do a Mysterious Death while notorious. It kinda pushes the limits on what you consider a proper Mysterious Death though because I have to kick the stupid Seeker out of the way. Every time I try and poison the target and climb the ladder, the Seeker just doesnt budge. Now that i think of it maybe you could use gentle push...