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New Stunts on Stefano da Bagnone

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This video show two new stunts on Stefano da Bagnone.

Useful Infos for 1st Stunt:

- Enter in the abbey and localize the target without being seen from him (this step is much important because if he detect you he will not continue to walk).

- Kill the 3 guards out of the abbey and position their bodies as i did, then kill 2 citizens and position the second one at the entry of abbey to attract attention of the target.

- run on the top of the church (if some guards follow you use a smoke bomb), and wait that your target reach the right position to stunt-kill him.

For the Haystack Assassination you need kill 6 guards instead of 3 because the distance is longer (don't kill more than 6 people or the first killed will disappear).