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No Chains Too Thick - Stealth Rescue

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A mostly stealth playthrough of the Hidden Ones DLC mission "No Chains Too Thick". Bayek has to rescue two allies captured and held in a fort. I did get seen a few times, but thankfully not during the actual rescues. Some points of interest:

1:21 A cat started following me around. Couldn't resist going into photo mode. Big smile This character appears a few more times throughout the video, so keep an eye out.

2:26 I whistle for my mount, but it spawns outside the fort. So much for a quick getaway.

5:13 I experimented with throwing a dead body for a distraction.

6:10 After knocking an enemy down with a strong attack, swinging down with the heavy weapon seems to prevent him from getting back up.

9:26 Transitioned from a carrying someone to an assassination. Didn't know you could do that.

10:14 Tried to see if an ally can be thrown to a higher surface, with no success.

11:13 The cat returns, having completed his catsassin training.

11:28 Got seen by a passing group of guards, right after the rescue is complete.