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This topic is for both PS3 and 360 users, its mostly for team strategy discussion. Atm it looks like its just me and DAZ for PS3 but im hoping that will change later.

I find so far the best offensive abiltiies are disguise and smoke bomb, use disguise to get into the zone and try capture it for as long as possible without touching the other team. Ocne it starts wearing off or if they get too close to you, stun them using smoke bomb. If you can use knife on them and free run around the zone by climbing stuff until the zone is captured.

As for team strats, this will focus on the idea of having one other cooperative player on your team. Basically at the start both of you rush the middle base and try and capture it using the above strategy. After it is captured one player stays behind hidden in a blend group and defends the zone, the other goes on to capture more zones.

Or, and I personally find this one to be the best defence, everyone just keeps attacking. By constantly attacking their last zone you put a lot of pressure on them and its harder for them to get out and capture your zones. But if your skills at capturing zones arent up to scratch then maybe we could have players specialising in defending zones and players specialising on attacking zones.

The ideal strategy imo is to have someone stay at the starting zone and defend it (using tripbomb, knives and smoke) while the other 3 players capture the middle zone. Once the middle is caught we just defend, 2 people in each zone can cover both entry points to the zone so its really easy to defend. Also a tip for defenders after you get a kill change your blending spot, or maybe even move out of the zone just a bit in the direction you think they are approaching from.

Resistance is key for defence, basically if you get stunned simply lock on and once you get up throw a knife at them, then rush the kill if you are sure they are out of smoke.

Im open for other team strategies as well as other hints and tricks you have picked up, they can be map specific if you want.