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Official Multiplayer Video Topic

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Basically the same idea from the official ubisoft forums. If you really think your video is worth frontpaging, you could make a topic for it, or if it fits the categories under AC:B Videos you could also make a new topic for it.

This topic though is mainly for just blog videos I suppose. I only get to play like 1 night every month now at my parents, so I recorded around 5 games and il be uploading them soon in this topic. I encourage other users to post ranodm games as well to keep me entertained until I can play again!
Unfortunatly the last time I could play was before the DLC, so no new modes for the first season.

Anyway im doing commentary now, I dont want to post episode 1 because the quality is so bad, if you really want to watch it find it on my channel. Because the internet is so bad at my hostel I can only upload each round seperatly. So here is Episode 2, in 2 parts.

Part 1

Part 2