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Othello and Dante

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You know this is a huge long shot, and I don't even know if his wife was actually named Desdemona, but do any of you remember reading Othello back in the day?


Remember when he suffocates Desdemona and she dies, then Emilia comes to the door and she miraculously comes back to life to tell Emilia she's been murdered? Isn't that kind of like Dante, who's been killed by everyone here at least 6 times before he actually dies?

Both are full-blooded Venetian Military officers (although the highest ranking one in AC2 is Brabantio) and both have in some way had to deal with zombie behavior in their lives. Othello's wife came back to life after he killed her, and Dante came back to life on six separate occasions after being drowned, receiving a dagger to the head, and finally a blade to the face.

Did anyone else realize this after we finally killed Dante? Could Dante also be like Rodrigo and Silvio like Iago? You know at this point I'm just ranting and mindlessly comparing, but I just thought it was interesting. That's my 2 cents, what do you think?

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