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prenatual's [Law Abiding Citizen] Watch_Dogs Speedrun

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Leo K
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Introducing my favorite stealth gamer of all time and the wonderful work he's been doing on Watch_Dogs. He's a Russian PC gamer who likes to do underrepresented Stealth games (or games with Stealth options) in creative and brutally challenging ways.

Copied straight from his YouTube description on the series;
* * * GOALS (and exceptions) * * *
- Stay undetected whenever possible and try to escape the unnecessary fights without casualties. (I won't be TOO stealthy in this playthrough -- my main goal here is to test the limits of the AI and see how far I can push the missions' restrictions. So expect some silly stuff.)
- Use non-lethal takedowns when forced to deal with enemies, unless given no other choice but to kill. (I will still use firearms quite often, but only for non-combat purposes.)
- Minimize all kinds of destructive hacking: traffic lights switching, blowing up steam vents, overloading electrical equipment, etc. (Hacking doors/gates/cameras/machinery/helicopter­s, using gadgets and distracting enemies with hacks are allowed.)
- Do not hack civilians for money or system keys. Rely only on resources found naturally during the story missions.
- Do not steal vehicles and use car-on-demand service instead. ("Borrowing" bikes and unlocked cars that are given to Aiden in most story missions is OK.)