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Rogue Academy | Classic AC Movement Guide

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Assassin's Creed 1 - Revelations
Movement Guide / Tips / Mindsets

This is probably the only place on the Internet that actually doesn't need this video, but I enjoyed making it, and TheHiddenBlade remains my home and Point of Origin as an Assassin's Creed player and creator, so I deeply feel that I 'owe' it to this place and the shadows who walk among it to share what I've been doing every time I make something new.

Aside from trying my best to teach this stuff to players who don't have an amazing grasp on it already, it was really enjoyable to revisit these classic systems and relive what made them so awesome for me on a personal level, step by step, while figuring out what goes wrong for some players while being perfectly fine for others.

Once again, I think TheHiddenBlade will find very little practical value in this, but it may still be entertaining, so, have at thee. This isn't really 'my' knowledge. The way I learned 80% of all of this was literally by watching cool showreels or instances of Movement that players on this very site exhibited in their own creations, and copying that in my own gameplay. I think the rapid proliferation of 'tech' or advanced tactics among the playerbase on THB was one of the traits that made us so powerful. With this collection, I hope to pay some small tribute to that.

~ Leo K [Rogue]