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Silent Rooftop Extermination and Rouille Stunt

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Assassins Creed Unity Sequence 8 Memory 2 September Massacres Rouille Assassination

Silent Rooftop Extermination

A method for assassinating every enemy on the rooftop during the mission without being seen.

Gunmen in the tower- the fast easy way is activating the optional cutscene, which kills both guards. Two other ways are ledge assassinations or sneaking up from behind.

Patrolling brute on platform- Either kill him when you're out of sight of the other nearby platform guards (after killing the guards in the tower) or ledge assassinate.

Brute and gunman on one side of the roof- Wait until the brute stands near the other guard for a double assassination or double air assassination.

Guards on other side of roof- Wait for the patrolling guard's back to be turned to quickly assassinate all three of them. You move faster crouching than walking.

Remaining guards- This part used to be tricky because one of the guards and the target are facing each other. However it has been discovered that shooting Rouille once with a berserk dart prevents him from seeing you. This helps a lot in sneaking around that particular area unseen. Now you can just walk up the steps and assassinate that guard, as well as the "sleeping against rail" guard.

Target- Thanks to the berserk dart trick, Rouille is in a state where his AI has been put on hold. If you perform some actions on him such as tackle or attack, the berserk affect kicks in shortly afterward. But in the meanwhile he doesn't notice you, not even if you're fighting enemies in front of him.

One more important thing. A design in the mission is for some guards to spawn on the roof, near the target. When they, do you are immediately detected. I've noticed they only seem to spawn if you kill the target where he is (so much for stealth being rewarding). After the assassination in the video they spawned as usual, but one time I pummeled him with a weapon, moving him a bit back before the kill, and they didn't spawn.

Stunt Assassination

Rouille may not seem a good candidate because of his location on top of a roof, but there is a high enough place for a stunt kill: the tower. You'll want to use firecrackers as a distraction (after killing the guards in the tower) to lure him to the spot on the platform you can jump to.

Other of the enemies on the platform will come to investigate. If you are in their line of sight during the stunt, you may get detected and find yourself unable to assassinate. So wait for them to walk back to their posts. Rouille is different in that he doesn't walk back.

During the stunt be sure to aim your jump right so you don't land on the rope.