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State of Decay: Zombies, Permadeath, Flesh Eating Unicorn Anecdotes

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20$ on XBL.

Open world zombie survival game.

After you befriend someone by doing nice things for them and talking to them, you can switch to that survivor at any time. This works as "lives" since if you die, that character is permanently dead. Switching is also needed to let characters rest and regain maximum strength.

There's management of your home base, defending against base attacks by hordes, infected hotspots that pop up and spawn more hordes, ransacking houses for supplies, and other things.

Surprisingly deep and difficult, lots of funny touches with the dialogue and attributes, and just buckets of charm and tension to make up for the somewhat dated graphics and bugs.

I still think it's a great looking game, and I admire them for having the guts to make nighttime REALLY dark.

The free trial gives you plenty of time to learn things, and allows you to play on the same file as the trial if you buy it.

I've gotta say, if fighting a decent sized group of guards is anywhere near HALF as scary in AC4 as it is to fight 4 zombies in this game, I'll be legit hyped

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