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Strange Bedfellows - Chaos Reaper

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Game: Assassin's Creed Syndicate (PS4)
Sequence 8 Memory 1: Strange Bedfellows
Style: Lethal / Reaper / Chaotic (Creative / Not 100% Stealth)

Jacob Frye embodies the chaotic essence of his new associate, Maxwell Roth, by bringing Hell to the station that Starrick's train, and his crates of dynamite, are located in. He delivers destruction and death unto the Blighters that reside in the area, reveling in the madness...

I made a little poll on Twitter asking people if they'd like to see stuff get a little more creative and chaotic, and while I'm probably going to keep doing a lot of pure-Stealth in the future, I did want to branch out and experiment a little with this new style. I use pretty much every item in Jacob's inventory during this video, as well as the Rope Launcher and Eagle Vision while maintaining a decent amount of flow and shoving destruction into the faces of the Blighter guards occupying the station.

There is something very, very awful about the design of missions that take place in Train Stations. They are wide open spaces, which means staying undetected without resorting to cheesy tactics is extremely difficult; but they're also the type of wide open that doesn't contain (can't contain?) too many strategically placed crowds, which nukes the Social Stealth/Blending options that the player would otherwise have as well. In general, not great. I made it work but if I had to do a pure Stealth vid for this area it would've been a lot more boring due to the way train stations are laid out and how guards are placed in them.