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Surgical Strike Blitz

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The fastest way to assassinate the doctor in the Surgical Strike memory. It requires action before the assassination, so it wouldn't help in a speed run. The setup starts with moving a herald. Steal from a nearby civilian to get him to fight you. The herald will back away from you. Use this to move him to where the scene is activated. Shortly after you are out of combat with the civilian the herald will start walking back to where he was and can be bribed. Activate the scene and bribe him during it. You will now start the assassination where you bribed the herald, which is a little closer to the target and don't have to worry about guards. Move the left analog stick to the upper left corner to start running directly towards the doctor. This blitz is questionable because there are rules against manipulating characters (killing/scaring) for blitzes. However this hasn't particularly been done before, so it's unsure whether or not it counts.