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Taunt Glitch and Sequence 8 Glitches

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These are two gltiches I have known for a long time but newver gotten around to record. Now that my PS3 has YLOD and the store I boguht it from wont even repair it ( the fuck?) it might be a while until I play again, so here are some goodies you may not have known

Firstly the taunt glitch is something I found in VR, not sure if it will work in the real game but it is EXTREMELY useful in the flawless missions and helped me make the top possible score.

Basically at the start of the round a huge wave of enemies will rush in, however only a certain amount of them will fight you, the rest stand around. If you are very fast you can target any of them and quickly taunt them. If you happened to pick someone who just stands around at the back and is not involved in the immediate fight, they will be the next person to attack you. However if they arent involved in the immediate fight they wont attack you, meaning no one will attack you at all until they enter the fight. If you happened to pick the last guy who steps in, then you can pretty much kill everyone with your crossbow. Every time you kill someone, someone on the outside will step into the fight, and until the guy you taunted steps in, no one will attack you.

In sequence 8 you can only use the apple of eden and nothing else. However if you somehow get onto a horse during this sequence and get off, you can use your hidden blade. This was done by total accident by me, i did it a long time ago, like 3 times ( so it can be repeated) and it was extremely funny, the entire combat gets warped. I used the BAM in the collisuem until assassins arrived on horses, and I somehow managed to get on one. When I got off I could use my hidden blade, however you are stuck in combat mode, the camera angles get extremely messed up. Give these a go if you are bored and you have my permission to upload them if you can get them to work