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Templar Agent The Ringer Assassination Variety Pack

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This is my first assassination variety pack, hope you enjoy it.

Parachute Air Assassination - nothing special, very straight forward.

Mysterious Death (sort of) - i used hyperblending to get to him and knock him off his horse because you can't poison him while he's riding. i put sort of because i don't know if knocking him off can still be considered mysterious.

Turkey Shoot - when you approach the area the game makes you automatically detected since it is not a restricted area. when you enter hyperblended, you are no longer detected and are free to roam around. i use this to turkey shoot (don't know if i'm using it right) the target.

Here are some examples:
Death by fall - i simply time the throw with him saying "let's finish this." (insert this is sparta jokes)

Eagle Strike - my first attempt. done on a nearby tower.

Other examples i'm too lazy to do:
Poetic Justice - since he destroyed the man's shop, you can throw him onto a barricade to kill him.

Stunt Assassination - very easy to do, can be done also at the same tower as the eagle strike.