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12 Most Wanted Templars

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Most Templars are harder to find than they are to stealth assassinate. In cities they tend to stand in front of walls. Start from the roof and climb down (or Drop and Grasp) the wall above them. When your Control HUD says "assassinate" hit that button (you may have to hold the Right Trigger for a High Profile air to assassinate). Other Templars, particularly in the Kingdom, have a blind side. Approach from the correct direction hugging that wall and you will be able to sneak up behind them. If he has a shelter over his head, get on it and drop into his blind spot.

The above techniques and variations should be sufficient for about 50 of the 60 Templars. The other 10 or so are either tricky or impossible to stealth assassinate. This video shows the 10 tricky/impossible Templars plus a couple that were more fun than tricky. Laughing out loud

Here's some more information on each (in an order selected to make the video entertaining):

  • Kingdom #1 This is the guy at the end of the pier. The conspicuous trail of mooring posts makes it obvious how to sneak up behind him. Throw him in the water. Templars can't swim either. Just be careful not to fall in the water yourself.
  • Jerusalem Rich #2 At first, it may seem impossible to get on the wall behind him. It is possible but you'll just find that air to assassinate is not available, even when you're right over his head. It must be because he's so tight in the corner. I found that you can do a High Profile air to assassinate from the ladder across from him. Carefully descend the ladder one step at a time and stop to test the Right Trigger. When the Control HUD says "assassinate", hit it. He'll see Altaïr jump at him but not soon enough to do anything about it. It's not exactly "stealth" because your logo flashes red once.
  • Kingdom #4 He stands on a U-shaped plateau between a cliff face and the road out of Lakeside Village. It may not have occurred to you to grab the edge of the plateau and move hand over hand around to the back.
  • Jerusalem Rich #3 Stealth is impossible on this Templar who stands in a corner alley of the Temple Mount. Get on the roof of the Al-Aqsa Mosque (that smaller building south of the Dome of the Rock). Aim your jump slightly to one side of him, not directly at him! As you fall next to him, mash the attack button for a quick kill. Again, it's not stealth and it's not even air to assassinate. It's more of a jump/stunt assassinate. (UPDATE: I've found a way to air to assassinate him. Video coming soon.)
  • Kingdom #19 This is the guy who stands by the lake at the Saracen Garrison. I believe stealth is impossible but at least it's fun to throw him in the lake.
  • Kingdom #8 From the way he's standing, it looks like his blind side would be on his right. It's not. Approach on his left (your right). It will feel like you're walking straight up to his face and yet he doesn't see you.
  • Acre Middle #3 There's nothing challenging about this Templar. You can air assassinate him from the building or sneak up behind him along the crenelated sea wall. I just like throwing him over the wall into the Mediterranean.
  • Kingdom #9 I have no answer for this Templar other than to fight him. A little help, please?
  • Acre Middle #2 This is the guy at the northern end of Acre's docks. Climb the ladder that leads to the north wall and jump onto that wooden pavilion in front of him. From there, jump into the corner behind him. Be sure to keep the Left Thumbstick up so Altaïr rolls forward when he hits the ground. There might be other ways to get him such as dropping down behind him from the north wall or a running air to assassinate from the pavilion. The first thing I tried worked so I just went with that.
  • Kingdom #3 Hugging the edge of the cliff doesn't quite work. Drop over the edge and hand over hand it past the section where he would normally see you.
  • Kingdom #10 I found a better way to get this Templar. Approach from an angle that keeps the wagon between you and him. He can't see you through the wagon but you can see him well enough to Target Lock him. Quickly climb onto the wagon and air to assassinate him! He will see you at the last second, too late to do anything about it. See this video for a demonstration.
  • Acre Rich #3 The Templar who stands guard high on the Cathedral of the Holy Cross is by far my favorite. Quietly take out the two archers who patrol the north side of the roof. Climb around to the left side of the Templar and throw him over the edge. If you hurry you can get a nice view of his fatal fall.