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I think this Trophy/Achievement deserves a thread.... It's the most difficult in ACB
*Get every Bonus in (multiplayer) at least once...

Here is a list of the hardest Bonuses to get

-Triple Escape= escape from 3 people (obviously)
-Podium= average kills, Untouchable,top 3 on list...
-Untouchable=you might have got this one if you didn't die in a certain match...
-Mid-air kill= kill someone mid air with pistol...(I didn't get this one yet) (not sure if I did)
-Greater Variety=unlock 10 different bonuses in 1 match> A private
-Extreme Variety=unlock 15 different bonuses in1 match> Match?

Let me know if there is some other bonuses you have trouble with....

The ones on the list is what I think I'm missing....

Believe me, if you want 1000/1000 or the Platinum in ACB this is the trophy/achievement to get.... Innocent

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The game has only been out a few days, im not too stressed about it right now. I think by the time I get all challenges legit and spend a fair amount of time on the game just having fun, I should get most of these without trying.

Triple escape is possible in Manhunt, wait around till most of your friends die, then sprint around on the roof tops. Since you are most likely to be in their view, you trigger chases fast. Sprint to a chase breaker, morph the nearest crowd and watch the gauge empty really fast.

As for Untouchable, I got this in Manhunt as well ( love manhunt). After all you cant be killed while on the attack side unless you press triangle after stun. So basically choose team 2 first and try your best not to be killed. Use smoke, dash and blender and chill out by a crowd. If you see them use templar vision, bolt it. Never risk stunning them their team will be near by, just focus on getting escape points