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AC Brotherhood: The Undead Collection

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This is mostly a collection of times in the game where certain characters can be reanimated.

In and Out memory: During the beginning of this memory a seeker and brute deliver a box to a papal guard. While delivering the box the seeker becomes animated. I show two examples of killing and resurrecting him.
1. I get him in a double assassination then kill him again.
2. I throw a heavy weapon at him. He is considered dead at this point but still standing (guards will inspect the ground for his dead body, even while he is walking). The seeker will stop walking at some point on the road with the heavy weapon still in his head.
The papal guard is also animated while the box is delivered. Here are a few examples of killing him.
1. Kill him before the box is delivered but make sure you are not detected. He is reanimated for the box delivery, but you will desynchronize.
2. Kill him and pick up his body. In this case he doesn't come back to life. This will also desynchronize you.
3. Poison him just prior to the delivery. After the delivery he is unaffected by the poison. This also causes a glitch where the courtesan doesn't come to walk and talk with the papal guard (she does appear in the scene afterwards). This will not desynchronize you.
The papal guard can also be killed right before a scene. I throw a long weapon at him which remains in him during the scene and afterwards (I also threw a heavy weapon, but there isn't a clear shot of it during the scene. I also tried throwing weapons at the nearby guards to see if it would reanimate them, but it seems they are replaced with other guards when the scene starts.) The timing needs to be exact since killing the papal guard causes desynchronization.
After the scene the papal guard remains with the weapon still in him.

The courtesan during the banker assassination: The courtesan who follows the papal guard prior to the banker assassination is the same courtesan who follows the banker. At the beginning of the assassination memory the banker strangles the courtesan. Her body is in an inanimate state but not actually dead. This is proven by a few things.
1. You can attempt to tackle her. Also shown in the video is a character shoving at the courtesan. If you are detected the courtesan immediately comes alive.
2. Quickly kill the nearby guards. The courtesan comes alive after the strangling (probably reacting to seeing the dead bodies).
3. Quickly take out the banker and two nearby guards with the throwing knife special attack. After the memory scene the courtesan is stuck in a pose of being strangled. You are unable to attempt grabbing or hitting her and you can walk right through her. You can correct this by air tackling her.

Calling All Stand-ins: This is a scene with Cesare, Micheletto, a few papal guards and the guy in the blindfold aka Cesare's "friend". You can prevent the scene from starting using this trick. The scene starts when you are in range to lock on to Micheletto. Hire a group of mercenaries then go to a certain structure nearby. Climb up, lock on to one of the papal guards and send the mercenaries after them. Immediately run away or the scene will start. It will say "target located". Now go back and the scene won't start. The characters are unresponsive except for Micheletto. They are immune to all types of attacks, so the only way to kill them would be to slowly move them to where they can fall to there deaths (like I did with Leonardo's dummies and for the Pazzi conspirators blitzes).
I also managed a preassassination on Micheletto while following him without desynchronizing. When he comes to where a scene will start get close enough to lock on and throw a weapon at him. For some reason you won't desynchronize, but you are unable to move and will have to start the mission over. I wanted to try other stuff, but the xbox360 isn't working good right now. Sad
Additional Memories: There are two other memories I did stuff on.
Property dispute: This is a courtesan assignment where you beat up someone then carry his body to drop off at a certain place. If you throw him in the nearby haystack when you take out the last of his health he is still standing. You can pick up his body as though he were unconscious.
There is also the memory for the courtesan guild. Right before you activate the scene use the throwing knife special attack on some of the characters for the scene. During the scene the characters have a glowing red outline that appeared when they were targeted for that attack. This shows they were hit by the knives. Not all the characters are reanimated for the scene, though, and would die at the beginning of it.

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Very cool collection!

For a moment upon reading the title though, I thought/hoped this was some sort of add-on game/DLC, similar to RDR: Undead Nightmare! Shy

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What I'm most interested in is the fact that Micheletto can be killed nearly every time he appears in the game (forgot about the scene in the villa invasion where he's one of the characters in the background. I would try to see if I could do something there, but the xbox360 isn't reading discs right now). Angry And let's not forget that Micheletto survives the story assassination, so this guy is invincible! looks like Dante Moro has found his match.

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Dante Moro dies, so I think Micheletto > Dante.

This is awesome and should be frontpaged.


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