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AC: Chronicles China is free on Uplay if you claim it before Feb 5th

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Just a heads up: you can pick this up for free for the next couple of days. If you try to get it from Ubisoft's website or the store there, they're going to ask you for billing information (to check out a 0,00 item), but there's an easier way.

In the Uplay client on PC, look for the 'Free Games' section, find ACC China, and hit 'Add to my games'.

The Chronicles games looked pretty neat in DAZ's playthroughs, so they've been on my wishlist since then. I figured if there's ever a hefty sale I'll pick up all three, but now I can at least get one of them for free.

By the way, if you like purchasing Ubi games through their store, there are some big discounts going on right now along with this free offer.

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Heads up: If you claim it from the Uplay client on PC then I think that only gives you credentials to play it on the PC. It's hard for me to confirm because I already had AC: Chronicles China for Xbox. I could be mistaken.

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