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[AC Origins] Rome | Adaptive Reaper

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Do not watch this unless you've finished the base game.

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EVEN HEAVIER SPOILERS once Aya reaches the building.
Fall of an Empire, Rise of Another // Rome
Improvised // Adaptive Reaper

Assassin's Creed Origins does not have a Progress Tracker, which means selecting missions becomes quite difficult as it requires the backing up of save files, manually. To make matters even more frustrating, choosing the Reload Last Quest Objective button from the Quest Log menu effectively breaks timeline. Guards we killed would not always respawn, and thus getting perfect choreography is incredibly difficult. Guard patrols between reloaded checkpoints are random between an astounding number of permutations, which means they're not possible to memorize and choreograph around.

This is a bit of purely improvised gameplay attempting to do a hybrid between both quickly and stealthily killing every guard in the area. There's no way to know if I missed some, it's very difficult to stay undetected completely, and it's very difficult to have a lot of variety because the ways to kill an enemy from Stealth are quite limited in AC Origins.

Nonetheless, I had a lot of fun.

This video showcases a lot of synergy between Sleep Darts and Smoke Bombs. Sleep Darts are meant to be the next video in my Rogue Academy series, educating players on their many uses and advanced techniques that can be used.

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DarkAlphabetZoup wrote:
Do not watch this unless you've finished the base game.

Thanks for the heads up; was about to watch the video.