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[AC Syndicate] End of the Line [Non-Lethal / Target Only]

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Sequence 5, Memory "End of the Line" from Assassin's Creed Syndicate
Pearl Attaway Assassinated and area escaped with no other Kills and no Detects.
* * *
1) No Kills or Knockouts except Targets, unless Required.
2) No Detects except upon Assassination Moment
- Awareness Meters are allowed.
- I will try to avoid being detected during Assassinations as well, but if it's necessary, it's fine.
- Wear the Upgraded Beer Collector Belt for Jacob and the Upgraded Aegis Cloak for Evie.
4) No Side Objectives
5) No HUD except Awareness Meters and Tool Indicator
* * *
At the beginning, I "Identify" the Train Conductor so that the game gets rid of the annoying text that will keep telling me to do so. This Assassination mission (and the next one) are actually pretty easy to do in both Lethal Stealth and Non-Lethal Stealth if the player doesn't decide to attempt the different "Opportunities" available. It's funny, because if you know the map layout, just killing the Target directly is easier and faster than doing the objectives that are supposed to make it easier.

All Smoke Bombs thrown are to obscure vision from guards off-screen. The last Smoke Bomb that I throw onto the train's control lever at the end is necessary because for some reason, guards would otherwise detect me during the cutscene that plays as the train is leaving the station. It's not part of gameplay, but a Detect is a Detect. So I wanted to prevent that.

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Showing the secret passage alone was worthy of the front-page!

Using the Conductor for a "stealth opportunity" isn't worthwhile. It's a four step process that, if followed, deprives you of 100% synchronization of the memory. You can do the same thing with a single smoke bomb. There's your stealth opportunity right there.

You won't even feel the blade.