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[AC Unity] The Fall of Robespierre - Stealth Reaper

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Assassin's Creed Unity (PS4 Pro)
Memory: The Fall of Robespierre
Style: Lethal / Reaper / Stealth Kills

Arno Dorian is at the end of his patience. After failure after failure to catch and assassinate the Templar Grandmaster Germain, he finally tracks down Robespierre to a building that is being held by Templar guards. Dorian's fury makes itself known. He intends to have a productive conversation with Robespierre, and there's no way in Hell he's letting even a single one of his protectors interrupt their chat.


I'm convinced this has to be the hardest mission in the entire game to effectively do a Reaper vid on. Just under 200 attempts and Checkpoint Restarts. At a certain point I stopped even getting frustrated, it just became a routine that my mind sank into as I ran the same areas in the same ways over and over again.

There are still a few navigation mistakes left in this vid, but this run was good enough for me to finally feel satisfied with it. Ugh, how Unity's movement mechanics piss me off. Even if you do everything right, Arno has this propensity to do things that you don't want him to do, jerk the camera around awfully, and generally just do things that are not good for videos. This is especially bad indoors, which you can see is usually where it happens for me.

[BONUS] Timelapse of Editing This Vid

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DarkAlphabetZoup wrote:
Just under 200 attempts and Checkpoint Restarts.

Respect, man. Respect. Steve You certainly had a bunch of close calls with several guards. It's kind of funny how you own them all, and then Elise comes in and just shoots Robespierre.