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[AC4] Defeat El Impoluto in under 4 minutes

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One of the four Legendary ships in Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag is El Impoluto (which is Spanish for "The Big Polluter"). This is a video of straight up naval battle - no exploits. The main trick to getting it done in 4 minutes is to go on the offensive. I didn't brace often and nearly ended up getting sunk because of it. A few notes:

0:18 - Use mortars when at a great distance.

0:28 - I intentionally let El Impoluto ram the back part of the Jackdaw. This spins the Jackdaw around so we have a clear shot at the stern of El Impoluto as it leaves.

0:50 - Hold Head button to fire Swivel Guns at weak points when prompted. I had the HUD turned off for this video and missed some other opportunities to do this.

1:25 - Pull right alongside the Legendary ship to use your Heavy Shot. This is like Broadside Cannons except you don't aim, just fire.

2:00 - If it gets on your 6 o'clock, deploy Fire Barrels. You can aim them a little to the left or right as necessary.

3:25 - After getting rammed one more time, I finished off El Impoluto with a 1-2-3 combo of Heavy Shot, Swivel Guns, and Broadside Cannons to the stern. That'll teach 'em to quit polluting the Caribbean.

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Were all ship upgrades purchased?

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Yes. I should have clarified that you need Elite Swivel Guns in order to hold the button for automatic fire.

You won't even feel the blade.