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Art of the Escape for Brotherhood

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Im getting my PS3 back on wednesday, and il be at my parents place so i can record sound. Im wondering if I could try do gameplay videos that are similar to my AC1 videos. In AC1 I would try kill no one but my main target and make sure i do it in plain sight so i can do a stylish escape. I never really thought about doing it in AC2 or Brotherhood though, in those games instead of running I would simply kill everyone, or i would poison my target and be gone long before he dies.

Would anyone be interested in seeing videos like my AC1 videos? Before my PS3 YLOD, I tried it with the Executioner, El Carnifice or something. I was unseen right until I killed him, and jumped off the cliffs into a haystack to escape, it worked well. The interesting thing is haystacks and stuff are still useful in this game, you just gotta hide them outside the circle radius. As soon as you hide in them and you are outside the radius, your pursuing guards stop what they are doing.

Im thinking of of doing this mainly for Borgia towers, finding a stealthy route to get real close to the captain and killing him in front of everyone and escaping. However there is a problem with this, everyone friggen runs away! Maybe this will be better for AC2

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Definitely interested, but I think it'll be better for AC2. Smile


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