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Assassin's Creed: Revelations Achievements/Trophies (single player)

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I found this site when I started ACII. One of the things I found very helpful was the Achievement guides for ACII and, later, AC:B. However, when I started AC:R, there was a noticable lack of this information for Revelations. (The only related post in the forums was this one). So, as I went through AC:R, I put together this post for any souls wandering in the past like me. I’m not saying that you can’t find this information elsewhere (I found some hints and clues elsewhere), but why not make this forum a full one stop shop for the Assassin’s Creed games?

Like DAZ, I'll too be following the same overall format of Asaic's Assassin's Creed II Achievements/Trophies, which led to his Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Achievements/Trophies. Make sure to tell them both that they’re awesome! Laughing out loud

This thread probably won’t benefit anyone but me at this point, as all of you are done with the games, but my hope is that it will add some completeness to the THB community. I am only going to list the 39/40 main single player achievements. If someone wants to write up info for the multiplayer or Lost Archive DLC content achievements, I will happily format and add them to this post.

Due to the nature of achievements/trophies, this thread is bound to contain spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Single Player Achievements/Trophies

Single Player Achievements/Trophies

The Conqueror (Platinum - PS3 Only)
Get Every Trophy.

Automatically received upon unlocking every other trophy. There is no corresponding achievement on Xbox 360.

Best Served Cold (20 GS, Silver)
Complete DNA Sequence 1.

Story Achievement/Trophy. Received automatically upon completing DNA Sequence 1.

Istanbul and Constantinople (20 GS, Silver)
Complete DNA Sequence 2.

Story Achievement/Trophy. Received automatically upon completing DNA Sequence 2.

Seal the Deal (20 GS, Silver)
Complete DNA Sequence 3.

Story Achievement/Trophy. Received automatically upon completing DNA Sequence 3.

The Prince (20 GS, Silver)
Complete DNA Sequence 4.

Story Achievement/Trophy. Received automatically upon completing DNA Sequence 4.

The Plot Thickens (20 GS, Silver)
Complete DNA Sequence 5.

Story Achievement/Trophy. Received automatically upon completing DNA Sequence 5.

Successes and Failures (20 GS, Silver)
Complete DNA Sequence 6.

Story Achievement/Trophy. Received automatically upon completing DNA Sequence 6.

Old Boss, New Boss (20 GS, Silver)
Complete DNA Sequence 7.

Story Achievement/Trophy. Received automatically upon completing DNA Sequence 7.

Priorities (20 GS, Silver)
Complete DNA Sequence 8.

Story Achievement/Trophy. Received automatically upon completing DNA Sequence 8.

Revelations (50 GS, Gold)
Complete DNA Sequence 9.

Story Achievement/Trophy. Received automatically upon completing DNA Sequence 9.

The Early Years (20 GS, Bronze)
Complete Desmond Sequence 1.

The Desmond Sequences are earned by collecting data fragments (see Capped below) inside the Animus. There are a total of 100 data fragments in the world and you unlock certain things as you collect them.

  • Collect 5: unlocks Desmond Sequence 1
  • Collect 10: unlocks Desmond Sequence 2
  • Collect 15: unlocks Desmond Sequence 3
  • Collect 20: unlocks Desmond Sequence 4
  • Collect 25: unlocks Memoir Pages treasure map, available at any book shop
  • Collect 30: unlocks Desmond Sequence 5
  • Collect 50: makes remaining 50 Data fragments visible on the map

After you have unlocked the Desmond Sequences, you can access them by selecting “Return to Animus Island” in the Animus menu. When you enter the island, you will see five pillars. These are the five Desmond Sequences. In these puzzle based Sequences, Desmond relives his own past and tries to piece together his broken consciousness. Complete the Sequences to get the appropriate achievements. You cannot die. If you fall you just respawn. You can complete the five Sequences at any time once they are unlocked.

Note: Similar to the flags in AC2 and Brotherhood, if you walk around and search with eagle sense, any data fragment you find will be added to your map so that you can easily find it later.

The Reluctant Assassin (20 GS, Bronze)
Complete Desmond Sequence 2.

See The Early Years above.

Escape To New York (20 GS, Bronze)
Complete Desmond Sequence 3.

See The Early Years above.

The Rotten Apple (20 GS, Bronze)
Complete Desmond Sequence 4.

See The Early Years above.

Are You Desmond Miles? (20 GS, Bronze)
Complete Desmond Sequence 5.

See The Early Years above.

Fond Memories (20 GS, Silver)
Achieve 100% Synchronization in all Sequences.

Similar to il Principe in Brotherhood, complete all memory sequences with 100% Synchronization to unlock this achievement. You can replay memories by accessing the DNA from the Animus menu. Just like Brotherhood, if you have trouble achieving the optional objectives required for 100% Synchronization, you can replay the memories later with better gear and more skills.

However, unlike il Principe, you do not need 100% synchronization in the entire game, only the 9 principle DNA Sequences. (You don’t need the Desmond Sequences either).

Holy Wisdom (20 GS, Silver)
Complete the Hagia Sofia challenge level.

The Hagia Sofia challenge gets available after collecting all 10 of Ishak Pasha’s memoir pages (see Worth A Thousand Words below). There is one page in a district which you cannot get to until DNA Sequence 5, Memory 3. This means you can’t enter the hidden Hagia Sofia tomb any earlier. Once you get all memoir pages you need to head over to the Hagia Sofia building. You can travel there directly using the tunnel entrances. The hidden tomb will be marked on your map. Once there, you will need to complete some climbing sections and follow the given paths.

In addition to the achievement/trophy you will also receive some new armor after finishing the Hagia Sofia level successfully.

Note: After collecting 25 data fragments (see Capped below), you can purchase a map of all the memoir pages.

Capped (20 GS, Bronze)
Collect all Animus data fragments.

There are a total of 100 data fragments strewn across the environment inside the Animus. Once you obtain 50 of them, the last 50 will appear on your map automatically (see The Early Years above). Once you collect all 100, this achievement/trophy will unlock. You should have no problem getting them all.

Note: Similar to the flags in AC2 and Brotherhood, if you walk around and search with eagle sense active, any data fragment in your line of sight will be added to your map so that you can easily find it later. Also, although it may be cool to go down a zipline as fast as you can, I found it fruitful to activate eagle sense and spin in circles on the ziplines at first to mark any data fragments and treasure chests. Once on your map, you can target them and, upon activating eagle sense, a beam of light will shine on them making them easy to find. In fact, this beam of light will shine on any targeted location while using eagle sense.

Worth A Thousand Words (20 GS, Bronze)
Collect all of Ishak Pasha’s memoir pages.

There are 10 memoir pages scattered across the land. Once you get 25 Animus data fragments (see Capped above) you unlock the ability to purchase a map of remaining memoir pages from a book shop. After collecting all 10 pages, this achievement is yours, and the Hagia Sofia tomb appears on your map, enabling you to achieve the Holy Wisdom achievement/trophy.

Note: There is one page in a district which you cannot get to until DNA Sequence 5, Memory 3.

Pyromaniac (20 GS, Bronze)
Complete all Bomb Missions.

The Bomb Missions are really just tutorials, and can be completed any time after you visit with Piri Reis the first time. There will be four paintings on the wall in the Piri Reis shop, and each painting has 2 missions associated with it. The tutorials cover lethal bombs, tactical bombs, diversion bombs and special bomb casings. The missions are really short and very easy. You are not brought back to the shop after each one, so if you want to complete them all in a row, you will have to run back to the shop each time.

Armchair General (20 GS, Bronze)
Control all cities (except Rhodes) simultaneously in the Mediterranean Defense game.

The Mediterranean Defense game is the interface where your send your assassin recruits off to complete missions in other cities (same as in Brotherhood, but with a fancy name). You access the game by interacting with pigeon coops (which are next to bomb crafting tables). It can also be accessed inside each assassin den. At the beginning of the game, all the cities are under Templar control. As your assassins level up, they will be able to complete more difficult missions. In each city, there is a Reclaim The City mission. Each of these missions takes ten minutes. In addition to getting the achievement, you will receive money and bomb ingredients daily for each city you control.

Iron Curtain (20 GS, Bronze)
Perform a perfect den defense without using the cannon.

I’ll be honest. I didn’t even know about this achievement when I got it. I got it on the very first Den Defense (DNA Sequence 2, Memory 6). I imagine this would be the easiest Den to defend without a cannon, as it’s the tutorial defense.

To get this achievement, you can’t use your cannon at all. This means don’t hit Xbox left bumper (Xbox) or PS3 L1 button (PS3) throughout the entire defense, as this triggers the cannon shot. Make sure to install many barricades whenever you can between waves of Templars. The last thing your assassins need to destroy is a battering ram, and barricades will slow it down long enough to be destroyed by your archers and gunmen.

Note: Apparently, in the tutorial, it tells you how to trigger a cannon shot. I missed this on screen instruction. You should ignore it too. Also, I’ve been informed that that you can use your own pistol to support your allies in this mission, but I did not.

Spider Assassin (20 GS, Bronze)
Climb Hagia Sofia, from the ground to the pinnacle, in under 25 seconds.

This is another easy achievement that can be completed any time (although, it is easier after you have received the hookblade). Hagia Sofia is a large domed mosque in the Imperial District on the far east of the map. There is a tunnel entrance nearby and it is not too far from Sofia’s book shop. For this achievement, you must start on the ground and climb to the very top of the pinnacle on the center dome. I found it easy enough to climb to the top from one of the courtyards on the back side of the mosque.

Note: You have to climb the center dome, not one of the towers surrounding the mosque. I tried to climb those towers several times before I figured this out.

A Friend Indeed (20 GS, Bronze)
Complete all Faction Creed Challenges from a single faction.

Just like in Brotherhood, each faction has its own set of challenges. There are four factions: assassins, mercenaries, romanies and thieves. In this game, you get rewards for each faction as you complete the challenges (weapons, faction abilities, etc). The assassins faction has the fewest number of achievements (7), but a few will take some time (e.g., leveling up 7 recruits to Master Assassins). Pick whatever faction you want, and complete the challenges.

Note: I’m not going to put down how to complete the challenges here. Maybe someone else will make a THB guide to the faction challenges for this game.

Tax Evasion (10 GS, Bronze)
Get your money back from a Templar tax collector.

There is a thread dedicated to this topic. I will summarize the findings here though.

The Templar tax collector shows up semi-randomly. On your map, he will have the same icon as a pickpocket (a red purse/money bag). You have to kill him and loot the dead body to get the achievement. I got it when I thought he was a pickpocket. Instead of lethal force, if you tackle the tax collector, the money will be given to you automatically.

It has been suggested that they show up right after bank deposits and near banks. Also, it has been suggested that the shops near the Hagia Sophia tunnel entrance is the most likely place to spot the tax collector. In addition, since he collects money from Templar controlled areas, perhaps he shows up more often before you capture all dens. Also, it’s easier if you remain hidden when searching for the collector, as if he sees you, he gets spooked and runs away immediately. It will be harder to chase him down if he sees you before you see him.

The Mentor (20 GS, Silver)
Have seven trainees reach the rank of Master Assassin.

This achievement takes some time, but is easy enough. After taking over a Templar Den, you can recruit an assassin. Once an assassin is recruited, send them off on missions in the Mediterranean Defense game to gain experience (see Armchair General above). Once the assassins gains enough experience to be level 10, they can be assigned to a den, which involves completing a special mission with them. You will continue to level these assassins up to level 15, at which point you will have to complete another special mission for each assassin. Upon completion of this second mission, the assassin reaches the rank of Master Assassin.

Note: Once an assassin achieves the rank of Master Assassin, their den can no longer be attacked by Templars. In fact, if you level all 7 up quickly enough, you will never have to do a den defense after the story one in DNA Sequence 2. (The assassin guild challenge for den defenses is waived/auto-completed upon locking all dens).

Lightning Strikes (20 GS, Bronze)
Kill 5 guards in 5 seconds using only your hidden blades.

You can’t use any other weapon to kill the guards, but this achievement can be made easier with the use of a bomb. You can use a smoke, poison or caltrop bomb to achieve this, and may have to use a cherry bomb to bunch guards up. It will be easiest if you are on a structure and the guards are below you, as when you air assassinate a group you almost always will perform a double assassination and will have basically the full 5 seconds to get 3 more guards. Get on top of a structure with guards around it, throw a cherry bomb to attract them together, throw your other bomb of choice (if you use a smoke bomb, you will have to use eagle sense to see the guards) and start assassinating guards.

Note: Caltrop bombs don’t seem to last as long as the other two, so you’ll have to be fast. You can combine this achievement with either the I can see you or Mosh Pit achievements.

Overkiller (20 GS, Bronze)
Assassinate 50 guards with the hidden blade.

This should be a very easy achievement to get. I got it in DNA Sequence 3. Just kill guards with your hidden blade without them detecting you. It really is as easy as it sounds.

Show-Off (20 GS, Bronze)
Parachute onto a zipline.

This one is pretty fun, and pretty easy. First, make sure you have some parachutes purchased from the tailor shop and that you have received the hookblade from Yusuf. Find a view point with some ziplines nearby. I chose the viewpoint in the middle of an open space near the Forum of the Ox in the Constantine District. There are plenty that would be easier than this one, but it was simple enough. Simply go to the top of the viewpoint (or other tall structure) and equip your fists. Jump off and quickly press Armed hand, which should open the parachute. Once you are over the zipline, tap Empty hand button to drop, then quickly press and hold Empty hand button so that your hookblade hooks the zipline.

Note: You can actually get this achievement at any zipline, if you’re fast enough. Climb the support at the top of the zipline. Jump over the zipline and complete the Armed handEmpty hand buttonEmpty hand button sequence quickly enough to latch onto the zipline.

Sage (20 GS, Bronze)
Collect all available books.

This achievement is unattainable until DNA Sequence 7, because you need to purchase 4 books in a previously undiscovered area. To get the achievement, you will have buy every book in the game and complete all the book quests. In order for all books to be available for purchase, I think you have to renovate all 15 book shops in Constantinople. You will need upwards of 350,000 akçe for the 4 books in Cappadocia, which can only be purchased in DNA Sequence 7. Either plan ahead and take money with you during the play through, or replay one of the memories. If you return to the area via ferry later, the book shop is closed.

The book quests are extremely easy, and extremely boring. They will show up on your map just like a book shop, but with a black border around them. They are all essentially the same. Climb a tall structure, use eagle sense to find the location of the book, go retrieve the book. They shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes each, even if you’re going slowly on purpose.

Fast Fingers (20 GS, Bronze)
Loot 50 dead guards with thief looting.

If you’re being frugal, this can be done with a single group of thieves. Once you have earned the thief looting ability, find some thieves, hire them, and go kill a bunch of guards. They will loot the bodies as they follow you.

Note: Thief looting is a faction ability unlocked after completing a subset of the thief faction challenges. In addition to looting dead bodies, the thieves will loot all NPCs for money, bullets, poison, medicine, etc as they follow you.

Mosh Pit (10 GS, Bronze)
Have 10 guards poisoned at the same time.

To get this achievement really easily, you need two things a cherry bomb, and a datura bomb (preferably with the English gunpowder, so you have maximum room for error).

In the far southwest of the map (the far south of the Constantine District) there is an open area. In this open area, there is an arch. At this arch there is a group of four guards. Next to the arch there is a wagon and behind the wagon there is a treasure chest guarded by two more guards (one is a Janissary). Also, there is a four member guard patrol in this area that comes really close to the arch (led by another Janissary). Simply throw a cherry bomb near the guards so that all ten leave their posts/path to investigate. When they are all bunched up, throw the datura bomb such that all 10 guards are in the blast zone. Done.

Note: If you are still trying for the Fast Fingers achievement, you can hire the thief group just north of this arch and get a good number of the guards taken care of here. However, if the thieves are “stopped” and not “following” they won’t loot the bodies. Also, if you are trying for kill streaks, this is an easy place. Poison the two Janissaries with poison darts, as they are prone to screwing up kill streaks. Once both are poisoned, attack the remaining 8 guards for easy kill streaks. Finally, you can easily combine this with the Lightning Strikes achievement by climbing the arch, executing the poisoning of the guards and air assassinating to start your streak of 5 kills in 5 seconds.

Mouse Trap (20 GS, Bronze)
Kill 5 guards with a scaffold after they have been stunned by caltrops.

This achievement is cumulative. You don’t need to kill all 5 at once, just 5 total. To achieve this, you first need caltrop bombs. You can craft them yourself, or purchase them from black market dealers. Basically, caltrop bombs immobilize guards.

In addition to the caltrop bomb, you must know how to tear down a scaffold. It’s best to try this a few times before trying it on guards. If you run next to one in High profile trigger (high profile), you will notice that is says “Pull Down.” You pull down the scaffold by running by the scaffold in High profile trigger and pressing Empty hand button. It should topple over.

To get the achievement, you can get into open conflict with some guards, lead them to a scaffold, throw the caltrop bomb to stop them next to the scaffold, then tear it down. Alternatively, I like to lure guards into traps with cherry bombs. To do this, throw a cherry bomb right in front of a scaffold with guards nearby. When they go to investigate, hit them with a caltrop bomb, then run in to tear down the scaffold. If you can find a scaffold with enough guards, you could probably get this achievement with one scaffold.

Craft Maniac (20 GS, Bronze)
Craft 30 bombs.

You will probably get this achievement throughout the course of the game. However, once you learn where to go and how to craft bombs, you can get this achievement quickly whenever you want. During DNA Sequence 3, Memory 4, you learn how to craft bombs. While in the bomb inventory during crafting, just pick any of the pouches and fill in the shell, gunpowder, and effect. Then hit craft bomb at the bottom. That will count as 1. Upon dismantling the bomb, you will get the bomb ingredients back. Repeat this several times – craft, dismantle, craft, dismantle, etc. You will lose nothing by doing this because you get the ingredients back every time. Once you think you have enough, exit out to gain your achievement. If you don’t get it, go back to the crafting table and craft a few more bombs.

My Protégé (20 GS, Bronze)
Have one trainee reach the rank of Master Assassin.

I think this is pretty much a story achievement, assuming you follow all the cues along the way through DNA Sequences 2 and 3. After the Den Defense in DNA Sequence 2, you should be able to assign your assassin apprentice to the den. After this, when completing DNA Sequence 3, Memory 10 (The Sentinel, Part II), you will trigger a cutscene. After which, you chase the Sentinel, and your apprentice finishes the assassination. Upon assassinating the target, the apprentice is promoted to Master Assassin.

Note: This is how it worked for me. I think I did send my apprentice on some missions to gain experience in DNA Sequences 2 and 3. I don’t know if this story upgrade will be the same for everyone if you don’t do a few missions, it’s just how it happened for me. See The Mentor above for more details on leveling up assassin recruits.

Almost Flying (20 GS, Bronze)
Parachute directly from the top of the Galata Tower to the golden horn.

This one’s pretty easy. First, make sure you have a parachute purchased from a tailor shop. (You don’t want to climb all the way to the top of the tower before realizing you don’t have a parachute, like I did when first attempting the achievement). Next, climb the Galata Tower. This is the one that Yusuf teaches you to climb with the hookblade directly east of the assassin hideout. Make sure to climb all the way to the top, not just to the ledges. Next, find the river (the golden horn). Finally, jump off and activate your parachute. Enjoy the leisurely flight to the river and let Ezio automatically release the parachute and fall in the water. The achievement is yours.

Note: Since you have nothing better to do while floating down to the river, you may as well activate eagle sense to mark any additional Animus data fragments and treasure chests as you go.

Silent But Deadly (20 GS, Bronze)
Kill three guards simultaneously with only throwing knives.

There are quite a few places in the game amenable to getting this achievement. You must kill all three guards with a single throw, so make sure not to try this achievement when faced with armored guards. First, make sure you have enough knives for the achievement. Once equipped, hold down the secondary weapon button (previously Head button). Let go and knives will fly at the guards, and should kill three of them for you.

Note: The first such easy place to get this achievement is in DNA Sequence 1, Memory 5. After a cutscene, Ezio is faced with three guards to kill. Select the throwing knives and kill them. This memory sequence would be easy to replay and get the achievement. I actually got the achievement in the Forum of the Ox secret area. After wrecking the boat, four guards will come at you. You can quickly dispatch of three of them with the throwing knives to get the achievement. Another place that I think would be amenable to get the achievement is in the third Altair memory, when you must escape Masyaf with your son. You are given unlimited knives to work with, and swarms of enemies. I did not try it at this stage of the game, so I don’t know if Altair can throw multiple knives or not. I also don’t know if you can earn achievements in the Altair memories. Additionally, most guard patrols are 4 strong. If you find a guard patrol with no Janissaries and no armored guards, just do the achievement then.

I can see you (20 GS, Bronze)
Kill 5 guards while under the cover of a smoke screen bomb.

I believe this one is cumulative (you don’t need to get 5 guards at once). To achieve this, simply craft a smoke screen bomb using any shell, any gunpowder, and phosphorus. Alternatively, smoke screen bombs can be looted from Varangian corpses (Seekers). Simply throw the smoke screen at a group of guards, turn on your eagle sense to see the affected guards, and kill them with your hidden blade. Do this to a total of 5 guards. This can be easily combined with the Lightning Strikes achievement if you don’t have it yet.

Monster’s Dance (20 GS, Bronze)
Have a guard incapacitate 3 civilians while he’s poisoned.

Remember this awesome video? Now there’s an achievement for it. You can get this achievement a variety of ways (poison darts or poison blade to get the guard, and tossing money or using a gold bomb to attract the citizens). The most inconspicuous way to get this is to use a poison dart and toss money. The other guards (if more than one) won’t detect you as a threat. Make sure to do this in a crowded area (the bazaar, for instance) for maximum hilarity.

Bully (20 GS, Bronze)
Find and beat up Duccio.

Douche-io will be introduced to this chapter of the story after DNA Sequence 4, Memory 3. (Why is he in Constantinople anyway?) Once confronted in this scene, he will run away. To get this achievement, you must find him and beat him up. He is located in the Constantine District on the far left side of the map. On the map, there is a blacksmith shop directly above a tailr shop, and a bank to the east. He is between the blacksmith and tailor shops, and at the intersection of the perpendicular formed with the bank to the east (i.e., he’s behind the blacksmith shop). He’ll be the bumbling drunk, and, once spotted, he will be a red icon on your map. Beat him up with your fists to get the achievement.

Sources: I almost forgot these. I can't take credit for all the information in this guide. There are many places scattered around to find information to help you with these games. Here are the two websites I frequented most during my playthrough and with putting this guide together for THB. You can find images and videos for some of the more difficult achievements at either site.

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Awesome info, Cheese.


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Thanks Mr. Golden Ratio,

My favorite spot to do all of these challenges and achievements is the arch that I describe in Mosh Pit. Aside from the Janissaries, the other 8 guards are easy pickings. Once you kill them, I don't know if there's a distance to respawn them. I tried 150 m. The best way to get a respawn is to wait for a bank deposit (3 a day). I think this roughly corresponds to a guard shift change.

Overall, just glad I could contribute, as I used this site for so much information going through the other games.

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You won't even feel the blade.

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Rob's applause Great work! I wish I had that guide when I was hunting for achievements in Revelations. It took me almost a week to fin Duccio heh.

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