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Basilica di San Pietro - Area Exploit

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[From the forums -stabguy]

Many thanks to Vanitas for noticing this! Original topic can be found here.

The exploit is pretty easy. As soon as the cutscene ends, the distance to target restriction is no longer enforced, so you are free to roam the basilica. There isn't much to do on ground level, but as you can see in the video, you can reach any location in the basilica, except for the Romulus lair. First I demonstrate the slow but safe way to get to the platform, but in a later clip I use a way that's a bit faster, but requires wacky jumping.
I also turkey shoot the cardinal, but as soon as you kill him, you get desynchronised, since the no-killing restriction is still enforced. It's fun to mess around with him, though. It's a shame you can't poison the cardinal. I would've liked to see how he would react to poison punch.
I thought the lamp to be funny. During the chase, Ezio can't use the lamp, but the cardinal continues regardless. Tongue

Let me know what you think!


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Can't think of anything better to say just keep up the good work!

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Dude that was AWESOME i was gonna try recording it myself but lack any recording tools :/ but nicely done and i like that faster route up already XD

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You did a great job, TLS. Beer