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Bernardo Baroncelli: Eagle Strikes from "Torre Grossa"

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The goal of this mission is to move Bernardo Baroncelli to Piazza del Duomo, then make an eagle strike on him from "Torre Grossa"

First of all you need to clean the fleeing area by killing all the guards around, then (when he reach the point shown in the video) use a first smoke bomb to block him and other guards, run away and then use a second smoke bomb to make him flee northerly.
Follow him, grab and drag him in the right point and use a third smoke bomb to block him again. Climb the Torre Grossa and make the eagle strikes.
In this video i shown two different eagle strikes and a stunt assassination, enjoy Big smile

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Setting up this eagle strike was quite complex. Grade You sure cleared the path of guards efficiently!

I'm curious about what happened at 1:30. It looks like an inadvertent superjump - Ezio initiates an air assassination (instead of attacking the archer right in front of him) and ends up catching the corner of the roof. Is that right?

You won't even feel the blade.

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I did enjoy. Big smile Nice work; it's awesome like this guy -> Cool

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