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Bonfire Stunts - Part 1

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Part 1 of 2 in a collection of stunt and other stylish assassinations in Bonfire of the Vanities.

Climbing the Ranks
The target will climb to higher rooftops if Ezio approaches him. Solution: go around. This gives you a chance to get above him for a sweet stunt.

It's easier to set up if you kill most/all of the other guards first. I chose to ignore them in order to keep this video brief. The result is wonderfully chaotic. Smile

Surgical Strike
This mission begins with Ezio lined up perfectly on the target. Alas, throwing knives from this position bounce off the steps below the doctor's feet because he's on higher ground.

Back up to find a crate that levels the playing field. It's tricky to line up the shot again. You want to take a step directly toward the doctor, who is now the only NPC still visible on the far side of the courtyard.

Hitting the Hay
The video speaks for itself. Place a dead body in a strategic location and wait for the target to inspect it. Be careful when approaching the archers as they can put a quick end to the mission.

Arch Nemesis
The goal here was total stealth (no yellow bars), hidden blade only, and no collateral damage. Diving into the Arno river simplifies the process of getting past the guards.

At 3:36 wait for the marching guard to pass before climbing any higher. At 3:46 make sure that no guard is standing at the rail. Once Ezio reaches the rail, they can no longer see him (even though it's transparent).

This stunt takes place when the preacher is en route to the adjoining courtyard. His speech lasts about 2 minutes, so I bide my time by killing archers at a leisurely pace. Just be sure not to take the fight onto the front deck of the church or else the target will flee.

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