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The Mentor's Keeper - Eagle Strike and Stunt Assassination

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Watching your recent videos of this mission I tried to do something that wasn't already done by Ian or Aurel. After hours of plannings I finally managed to make an Eagle Strike, plus I added a cool Stunt Assassination from the roof.

I hope you guys enjoy my work Smile

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The Mentor's Keeper - Variety Pack

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Blitz - Save Rasit El Zubeyid
Rasit El Zubeyid is the second assassin to be executed by the Templar. (The first is Vahid Ahmedi, who is executed at right after the checkpoint.) Rasit's execution is triggered by killing the second guard you encounter on the castle wall or by entering unmarked areas around the site. You can still kill the target despite these efforts by the developers. Run toward the target as shown, and stop just past the guard to quickly throw 3 knives. You are detected, but the target dies quickly enough for a successful mission. Keep your distance from the nearby guard when you throw the knives so that you are not detected prematurely.

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The Mentor's Keeper Assassination Variety Pack
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For my first video on AC Revelations I am doing a variety pack on the Altair memory The Mentor's Keeper in sequence three.

Early Infiltration of the Fortress
You are not meant to enter the Masyaf fortress before the scene. By performing a wall run followed by a wall jump you can get to a part of the cliffs that will lead you to the fortress without activating the scene. Sadly enough there aren't any characters in it. Also there are invisible barriers for where the gates close.

Free Al Mualim
This is harder than it looks since it isn't meant to be possible. To free him you have to get rid of the guards first. Let the spear wielding guards notice you and lead them into the fortress (there are three spear wielding guards. In the video I lead all three, but you can choose to lead the two that are close by. You will have to deal with the third later on, though). When you reach the stairs you can either go up them and turn to the side or go behind the bookcases. If you are too far away they will stop following, and if they have sight of you too long they will detect you. Now you can kill the two guards holding Al Mualim without being detected. I kill the guard on the right first since I sometimes bump into him when I kill the guard on the left. If you kill the target after this the scripted guards are reanimated. The two guards are fought off by Al Mualim, and the other three run away. There are also a few other examples. If you grab the target Al Mualim dies even though there is no one to kill him. Notice how he holds a crossbow after you let go. Also if you kill one of the scripted guards by throwing a spear he will be reanimated with the spear still in him. I choose to do this to the guard on the left because Al Mualim throws the guard on the right to the ground during the scene.

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