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North Atlantic

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Hasta la Vista, Samuel Smith

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An assassination on the second Rogue target, using a grenade from one of his own guards.


Samuel Smith is half surrounded by guards. The only one you want alive is the brute, but kill the others before they get in the way. You don't have to worry about the target because he just stands there, too afraid to run or fight.

When you first get into combat, the brute usually throws a grenade. If that fails, you'll have to either escape open conflict or climb somewhere. In my case the brute prepared to throw a grenade, but changed his mind and attacked me. When he does throw a grenade, make sure you're close enough to the target.

I noticed one time when he saw a dead body, the brute threw a grenade at a haystack, so if you could find a way to move the target closer to the haystack, you could do this without ever becoming detected.

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