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Sequence 3

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The Eleven Entrances to Notre Dame

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When starting the first assassination mission, the game informs you there are ten entrances leading into Notre Dame, and a secret entrance. This video details that.

0:20 The most basic entry, the front door. Used a smoke bomb to avoid a direct confrontation with the guards.

1:38 The secret entrance (a definite must when Notre Dame gets rebuilt). An underground passage leads from the church to a well. Can only be used during this mission. I think these tunnels also play a part in a coop mission.

Up until this point I had practiced a little on roaming the inside of the building and showing entrances. Everything afterward is improvised. That's why I had trouble climbing directly to the second floor. Thought I could easily get up there from the pillars and had to edit out nearly a minute of embarrassing pointless climbing.

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Eagle Strike on Sivert

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In this video I perform an eagle strike on Sivert.

I got Sivert at the intended spot using the luring technique that Aurel had used in his eagle descent video (Thanks for that btw made it a lot easier). After getting him out of the Notre Dame it was mostly an issue of avoiding the NPC's that are green when eagle vision is active since they will attack and kill Sivert. Blue guards should also be avoided since they will also attack Sivert and similar to my other video there is a chance that Sivert will disengage from combat completely and cannot be aggro'ed anymore.

About the jump, you will probably notice two things:
- I'm positioning Arno to lean slightly to the left when hanging from the ledge, this is because a straight jump forward will most likely take him to far and I would die on the roof.
- At around 1.17 there is a slight skip/slow/glitch in the jump, I don't know how to cause this but it occurs most of the time when leaning to the left and having the camera at a certain angle. I've performed the jump without the skip but the chances of success are a lot higher when it happens.

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Trapping Sivert Underground

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Using the underground entrance as a way to turkey shoot (immobilize) the target.

Sequence 3 Memory 2 Confession

The underground entrance is on the south side of the building, near the back. On the wall is a strange symbol you can interact with. This same symbol is also by another underground entrance, the one by the front door. A large trap door is the opening inside Notre Dame.

Start by clearing the area of nearby guards who could spot you. Then get the target's attention and lead him to the stairs of the underground passage. I tried using dead bodies and cherry bombs to get him all the way underground, but they didn't work so good, so I resorted to using smoke bombs+tackle.

Once he's in there close the trap door. This isn't necessary to prevent him from moving because the AI of characters can't find a path to or from the underground entrance and the inside of the church.

To reach him from outside, go through the underground entrance nearby, the well. With Sivert being a sitting duck, you can sneak up and turn him into a human pinata with a melee weapon. A smoke bomb makes this more effective if you don't want him to try to fight back.

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The Fastest Way to Assassinate Sivert Undetected

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Stealing the key to the locked side windows and doors at the top of the church creates an autosave. Restarting from that checkpoint starts Arno out with the key already obtained. This saves time from having to steal or loot it during the actual blitz. But since it depends on an exploit, the blitz would go in a different category than an exploitless blitz.

Anonymous Blitz

Before the area is loaded, hold Analog stick to the upper left and tap Legs button in high profile to jump. If done right Arno will jump the the lower roof, then to the ground. Be careful you don't jump from the highest part of the lower roof or you'll die.

Now use the lift to get up the building quickly and follow the path in the video to reach the locked window. Here comes the hardest part. You have to use eagle vision to get the target to walk in range for an air assassination while running past a guard patrolling on the same level. On top of all that, he is close enough to accidentally be targeted for an air kill. So during the running you have to get the camera facing the right way to prevent that. What sucks more is the target is close to some guards who can also get air killed instead by accident. So you have to depend on a lot of luck.

This is the fastest way I could kill Sivert anonymously. An exposed blitz would probably be from the front door.

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The Many Ways to Assassinate Sivert

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Sequence 3 Memory 2 Confession

Instead of labeling the video with the usual "variety pack", I used a term Youtubers are more familiar with. Here are a variety of ways to creatively take out Sivert the target.


First an eagle strike from the highest point I can climb to inside the building. This works a bit differently than eagle strikes in previous games. We don't quite know how to successfully catch ledges in Unity, so I rely on an automatic grasp, which is why Arno appears to dive down after the jump. Another complication to do with this is Arno has a brief moment of getting a grip, during which time he can't air assassinate the target. This is shown in two examples.

So even if manually catching ledges no longer works, eagle strikes are still possible, just not as awesome since you'd only be able to grasp the ledge part way down instead of the usual most of the way down.

Now for a stunt assassination from the highest point you can fall without dying. Trying to find a decent spot to jump from without catching onto or landing on something is difficult. The best that I could do involved bumping into an object on the way down.

Unity brought back a mechanic from AC1: having to kill the target with the hidden blade, even if he's already lying on the ground. Except instead of an automatic kill you have to walk up to the incapacitated target and prone kill him. I take advantage of this by killing him with a phantom blade bolt (which is unlocked later in the game, but you'll have it when replaying the memory) and performing a "grounded stunt".

The only way you should be able to kill an incapacitated target is with the prone kill, but if you shoot him and start an air assassination before he's knocked down, it will carry over to a "grounded air assassination". During the animation the memory scene will start right when you land on him, long before Arno plunges the hidden blade into the target. Another cool thing in the video is the mechanics for blood. Splattering over the altar look very poetic.

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Eagle Descent From the Top of Notre Dame

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Put the controlled descent to good use during assassinations with a new technique I call Eagle Descent. Descend on your enemy in continuous motion like an eagle swooping down in its prey.

Sequence 3 Confession

During this assassination memory you kill a target in a church, Notre Dame to be specific. For this to work you need to lead him outside through the front door. Follow the instructions carefully.

Don't get his attention right away, for two reasons:
1. The guards will tear you to shreds.
2. If the target detects you early on he won'y give chase.

Instead make your way to toward the back where the target is heading, killing guards along the way. If done right you won't have to worry about other enemies while he's chasing after you, which is great also because if the bell is sounded the front door gets closed.

The next part is tricky. When he's led outside the city guards may get in a fight with him. This could lead to him being incapacitated. One unexpected reaction from fighting the city guards is the target could lose his courage and flee, not able to detect you anymore.

If you manage to get him past all that the hard part is past. Lead him to the North side of the building shown in the video.

Eagle Descent

Now comes the fun part. Using controlled descent you can quickly vault and drop down for a stylish kill. It's a little hard to make it go smoothly and fast because there are times when Arno merely performs a simple drop-and-hang, ruining the concept of quickly descending. I also had to perform one or two manual jumps to propel him in the right direction horizontally. But after a short while the desired effect was achieved, with Arno in near constant motion.

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