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Chrétien Lafreniére Assassination Variety Pack

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[Adapted for front page. -stabguy]

Three assassinations on a playlist:

Lafreniére Blitz Assassination

The fastest I've been able to kill the target. Had to sacrifice a small amount of time because of a smoke bomb. Sometimes you can reach him before getting fully detected, but I'm not patient enough to keep on trying.

Lafreniére Stunt Assassination

Apologies for the background sound. I was ignorant to the fact that my earphones had a mic.

To set up a stealthy stunt assassination from the nearby tower, you'll have to take out some of the guards nearby.

Lafreniére Ledge Assassination

An old kill revisited. Originally done in this video:

I'd also practiced for a potential eagle strike (before just giving up). Here are two failed attempts:

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Actually it was his video that showed me how to reliably catch the ledge. I practiced for an eagle strike a long time ago, but gave up after missing the ledge nearly all the time.

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My favorite was the Stunt Assassination so it's featured in the embedded player. Click the playlist to see all three.

The two failed Eagle Strikes demonstrate an application of the Catch Ledge ability in Unity. It seems that Aurel and Leo independently rediscovered this feature.

You won't even feel the blade.