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Complex Stunts

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Each of these stunts requires a lot planning in order to execute. They all feature leaps from tremendous heights - just shy of what will kill Ezio.

Bernardo Baroncelli
Mercenaries can be hired to attack Bernardo on your behalf. When attacked, Bernardo will start fleeing, typically to the south, where there is a nice big tower...

0:30 Hire some mercenaries and lead them to the ladder as shown.

0:45 When all 4 of the mercenaries approach the ladder, order them to stop. Climb up the ladder and go over to the other side of the building, where you will find the target. Lock on, and wait patiently.

1:37 When the target approaches the group of thieves, order the mercenaries to attack him. The attack will take a while since the mercenaries have to go all the way around the buildings in order to reach him. The delay buys you time so that you can prepare for the stunt.

1:45 As you work your way to the stunt tower, you need to stay within 40 meters of the target; otherwise, the mission ends with "target lost."

2:22 The mercenaries will eventually attack Bernardo, which causes him to flee. He typically flees southwards along the eastern city wall.

2:45 Depending on the timing of your jump, Bernardo may notice you midair and start to turn around to run the other way. This gives a nice opportunity to bring him to his knees for a high-profile execution.

Port Authority
The goal is to lure the target to the pier with a series of dead bodies. You can then jump from a nearby roof for a nice stunt assassination.

3:10 Start the mission with a double air assassination on the guards at the top of the stairs. You'll need one of these dead bodies later.

3:20 Hyperblend and make your way to the starboard side of the ship. Click here to read about hyperblending:

3:50 Pull over the guard that patrols on this side of the quarterdeck, and then air assassinate the archer that patrols along the pier when he stops next to the lantern. The other patrolling guard on the starboard side of the ship will notice the dead body and start to investigate.

4:05 Promptly run up the stairs and toss a dead body over the rail so that it lands next to the bench. Be sure to stay out of the view of the investigating guard as you carry the dead body.

4:25 Hyperblend and swim back to the ship. The investigating guard will probably be returning to his normal patrol. Lock onto him, shoot him as shown so that the main target can see his dead body. This starts the chain of dead body distractions that eventually lures the target to the bench next to the pier.

5:00 Climb up to the roof and carefully aim your jump so that you land next to the target. You can take your time - the target always lingers indefinitely at the last dead body he sees.

Surgical Strike
Again, the goal is to lure the target to the stunt location with a series of dead bodies. In this case, I jump from a tower just north of the target's location.

6:06 Go around the open courtyard to the north side and kill the archer next to the tower. Toss his dead body down to distract additional guards.

7:00 Quietly kill the guards as they inspect the dead archer. Look carefully on the ground. You'll see a long puddle with a thin strip of water in the middle. Move one of the bodies to that thin strip. This is where the stunt will occur. Move another dead body to the top of the steps, and toss another dead body down the steps.

8:00 Go up the ladder and kill one more archer. The mission requires you to remain undetected in certain area around the target, but this archer is just outside that region. You don't have to kill him quietly. Carry his body and throw it down so that the target can see it. This starts the chain of dead body distractions that eventually lures the target to the body in the puddle.

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These are my favorite kind of stunts. Smile Nicely done, Ian.

You won't even feel the blade.