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The Deacon: Eagle Strike from Hagia Sophia Tower

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I was thinking to make an Eagle Strike from the highest point of Constantinople after the Galata Tower, and I thought about Hagia Sophia towers, that seems the highest towers of all districts (perhaps they're equal to the ones at Fatih Mosque).

I think the Master Assassin mission "The Deacon, Part 2" is the best mission to do it, because you are free to do anything you want with the target before kill him. As i wrote in the video (at 00:35), the Deacon can't be killed by anyone except by Ezio.

So, to get rid of the assassin recruit you have 2 ways:

1st: Attract a group of guards in the conflict (01:40) and wait that your recruit is killed by them (you'll not get desync).

2nd (the one i did here): if your assassin is still alive and he keep fighting the Deacon, just leave the area and come back, and both of them will be freezed (02:42).

After that, you are free to place the Deacon anywhere you like, and kill him.

Since the Hagia Sophia towers are full of haystacks i took a while to find a good position to make the ES, then follow exactly my movements to success in the jump.

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Very nice! The master assassin missions do provide the most creative opportunities since the main assassinations suck.

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Wow! That must've taken a while to get, but fantastic eagle strike as a result. The time between catching the ledge and jumping to assassinate was almost nonexistent. Good job!


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